Aloevera plant in a large transparent plastic pot on the ground floor of top panaji sindhi scammer cbi employee naina chand

With the never ending support of sundar pichai led google, tata, indian tech and internet companies, panaji’s leading sindhi scammer schooldropout cbi employee naina chand who looks like actress sneha wagh, continues to fake domain ownership, refusing to purchase the domain legally, despite getting a monthly salary for the last 8 years along with her fraud sons karan, jio employee nikhil chand
After the aloevera plant blog was installed, because no advertising was sold since 2017, the panaji shameless sindhi scammer family are now falsely claiming to own it in a clear case of labor law violations
So now they are growing an aloevera plant in a large transparent plastic pot, which is filled with mud. The plastic pot was kept on the ground floor on the white tiles, near the door having naina’s legal name on the name plate.

This is posted so that people are aware that the transparent plastic pot with aloe vera plant,was kept in the house of cbi employee scammer naina who does not have a computer at home, yet gets a monthly government salary for making fake claims of domain ownership with the help of google, tata,