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Frequently asked questions(FAQ) regarding Aloe vera plant
aloe vera
Purchase a low maintenance aloe vera plant for your garden or balcony, price includes shipping in India

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    Some of the Frequently asked questions(FAQ) regarding Aloe vera plant are listed below:
  • Is the payment and financial information safe?
    Yes, payment is processed by Payumoney, one of the largest payment processors in India, This website does not collect or store any of your credit/debit card/netbanking and other financial information . Payumoney will only provide the seller, the name, address, phone number and email of the buyer , so that the item can be shipped to the buyer at the earliest
  • How will the aloe vera plant be shipped?
    Usually speed post will be used to ship the aloe vera plant or plants, and the shipping details will be sent to the buyer within 72 hours of purchase on business working days. In some cases courier may be used or other methods
  • Will a potted plant be supplied
    No a potted plant will not be supplied, as the cost of shipping will increase
  • Will the plant survive without a pot
    Usually yes, aloe vera is a succulent plant, so it can survive for a few days without a pot
  • What is the height of the plant?
    Minimum height of plant above the roots : 12.5 cm or 5 " (may be higher in height)
  • What kind of soil should be used for the aloe vera plant?
    Well drained soil should be used, and the pot should have proper drainage
  • Why are the leaves of the plant becoming yellow The leaves are becoming yellow, because the plant is being overwatered, and the roots are dying
  • Why is the aloeveraplant not growing
    Like most succulents, the aloe vera plant is growing very slowly, only one to three leaves a month may be formed. Please be patient
  • Why are the leaves falling off?
    The leaves will fall off if it is attacked by pests like snails, or is overwatered
  • What are the small leaves appearing near the aloe vera plant ?
    These are new aloe vera plants, you can remove them and grow them in a different pot
  • I have made payment, not received the aloe vera plant?
    If the payment has been processed successfully, please send an email to nkinf@hotmail.com, info@textads.in
  • How are you able to provide aloe vera plants so cheap?
    The plants are grown in our own garden in Panaji, goa , so the prices are some of the lowest in India
Cheapest price online in India, bulk discount offered to those wishing to purchase multiple plants
Money back offer less shipping charges of Rs 49 offered to buyers who are not satisfied with the purchase. Kindly note that the seller is not responsible if the plant dies later, because of overwatering, excess rainfall, pests, lack of sunlight, lack of proper drainage, causing root rot
Unlimited Free advice and help for growing the plant offered

Price for 1 plant (includes shipping only in India) : Rs 99

Buy one aloe vera plant for Rs 99 only, cheapest rate in India

Buy 4 aloe vera plants for Rs 199 only

Offline payment options :
Cheque payment/cash deposit in bank account
Money order
Bank transfer
Shipping charges reduced for bulk orders, quantity more than 1, with price for 4 aloe vera plants Rs 199 . Please note that the plants are shipped from Panaji, Goa, cash on delivery not viable in most cases. Aloevera leaves, fresh aloe vera gel, juice also available on request, as per request.Prices are cheaper than that offered online on Ebay, Amazon, plantsguru, nurserylive and any other website
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